Being on the waters of Lake George has its advantages here at Sun Castle Resort. In addition to providing a relaxing atmosphere, our lakefront property allows for us to have our very own boat launch! Located on the northern end of our property, the Sun Castle Resort boat launch spares guests the hassle of unloading at their villa or townhouse and then having to go off property to launch their boat at a marina—Sun Castle guests can launch their boat upon arrival and get to their vacation all the sooner!

Here’s how to launch your watercraft with Sun Castle Resort:

When making your reservation for your villa or townhouse, inform the front desk you’ll be traveling with and/or renting a boat, as well as the approximate length of the boat. They will reserve a dock slip in your name. Prices for dock slips range between $50-$75.00 per night, plus tax.

Find an official Lake George Boat Inspection station. The Lake George Park Commission requires all trailered watercraft to be inspected for possible invasive species before being launched into the waters of Lake George. This inspection is free and takes approximately five minutes to complete. A list of stations and their addresses can be found here: Boats will receive a green plastic tag after they pass inspection.

Upon arrival, proceed to the Sun Castle Resort office to first check-in. After obtaining the keys to your rental unit, boat registration will occur. Sun Castle Resort staff will not launch any boats without the green plastic tag, in accordance to Lake George Park Commission standards. If your boat is uninspected, staff will direct you to the nearest boat launch to complete your inspection.

After the boat is registered and the tag is recorded, Sun Castle Resort staff will direct you to the boat launch and inform you of your dock slip number and location. A member of Sun Castle Resort’s Maintenance Department will greet guests at the gate to unlock it for launch.

Once your boat is in the water, please park the trailer near the Sun Castle Resort office, on the lot labeled, “Boat Trailer Parking.”

When you are ready to remove your boat from Lake George, please contact the Sun Castle Resort office. They will proceed to notify maintenance, who will again greet you at the boat launch gate to unlock it for your boat’s retrieval.

For more information on the Lake George Park Commission and its mission to protect Lake George, please visit their website: